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Lois followed Peter to Chris's room, and Peter showed her what was on Chris's laptop. He nodded to his sister. He felt her hug him almost instantly, trying to clasp onto his body, pressing her own against his. Peter then went into Chris's room, turned on Chris's laptop and got on to YouTube. A beautiful woman riding a man as if he were her property, going so fast that her breasts eased and bounced with every passing moment as she rode him. That was something he, Stewie Griffin, never did. She hobbled her head quickly, slipping her hand under his balls, rubbing under them quickly, making Chris groan loudly in the pleasure.

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They had all lost their lives in an accident out at sea, and he felt as though he had lost what little people he had to guide him, let him mature into a man the right way, teach him when and how much alcohol he could drink before he got too drunk to drive home

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Lois Griffin

That was something he, Stewie Griffin, never did. You plowed her last night. Borstein has noted that the voice of Lois has been changing from the slower original voice to the quicker up tempo voice of the present episodes. The sound of the phone falling to the floor rang through the house after that, and Chris knew she had looked through the window and saw her breasts there instead of Lois' face. A wicked smiled formed across Lois's face. Now even his mother, Bonnie, Joe's wife, and Jillian, Brian's girlfriend were broken and torn by the loss. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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sexy meg and lois kissing
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sexy meg and lois kissing
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